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Latest Promotions

Fox-Clore "Let's Get It On"

Fox-Clore hits the ground running with "Let's Get It On". Brought up to a Hi-NRG club BPM, this track is flowing with energy that will make everyone want to dance. Dezio provides a slick remix and gives the whole release some extra flare. Download it from Distinctive Promo!

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Kosca "Inseparable"

Kosca returns to the fore with "Inseparable". Feel good vibes along with house music goodness are on the musical menu, and who can question the results. With great production, gorgeous vocals and that piano, this one's set for the masses. Highly Recommended!

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Ricky Ric "Rock The Night"

Ricky Ric is back with "Rock The Night". This track will put you in such a good mood where all you will think about is dancing late into the night. Listen and download!

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