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Latest Promotions

Chloe Collins "20 Nothing"

Chloe Collins is a Nashville-based songwriter/artist who mixes her country roots with pop and rock influences for a genre-bending, modern sound for her GenZ fans. Chloe Collins has had more than a dozen of her original songs featured on TV shows including the 100th episode of "Nashville" on ABC, six episodes of "Heartland" on Netflix, "The Vineyard" on Freeform and more on Citytv, CBC, WGN and BYUtv. Chloe has gained a significant following of almost 100k on TikTok after her song “Partner in Crime” went viral. Check out her brand new release. Highly Recommended!

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Jovian "Laser Discs"

"Laser Discs" is about begging for someone to see your perspective despite them being unwilling to, or maybe incapable of doing so! Despite that, the memories that were shared are still something to hold dear. Highly Recommended!

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Nils Van Zandt "Cry"

Nils van Zandt, multi golden & platina hit producer & DJ is back! This time he made an earworm, which stays in your head for a looooong time! The voice is from one of the most successful Belgian Singers... can you guess who it is? She sold millions of singles with her previous hits.... Play it LOUD!!

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