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Latest Promotions

Anthony Simons feat. Jonny Rose "Carry On"

Anthony Simons is one of the most promising Canadian DJ/Producer for years to come. He will definitely make you dance and experience an awesome moment. Having already remixed for many major international artists, his productions & remixes are trading all around the web and playing on the most popular radio stations. As soon as he's in the studio to create a new track or behind the tables for a show, he brings magic to everything he's touching. You really don't want to miss his debut single "Carry On" featuring Jonny Rose, available everywhere on November 2. Highly Recommended!!

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Dezio "Traffic"

Dezio brings another quality release to 516 Music rebooting Tiesto's "Traffic". Get ready to feel the sub-bass and crafty new groove that powers along with the nostalgic keyboard riffs and big stabs of this timeless dance anthem. Download it today!

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Vikki St. Ives "I've Got Your Love"

"I've Got Your Love" is the newest single from Vikki St. Ives. It has a passionate and highly loving feel that will undeniably warm your heart. The production and remixes feature notable contributions from Ricky Ric, Hyp3d and the Rev-Players. Listen and download!

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