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Latest Promotions

Armin Van Masters "Dance Before Dishonor"

Armin Van Masters is a musician, producer and DJ. You can hear his music largely in nightclubs, raves and festivals. His debut single is "Dance Before Dishonor". Enjoy!

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Jeff Hanc "Wanderer (Remixes)"

Jeff Hanc has been a professional musician since his teens. Mr. Hanc won the prestigious Kool Jazz Festival Award that allowed him to attend the Berklee College of Music. He further attended classes and matriculated credit in the Julliard School of Music in New York City, as well as Oberlin College in Ohio, where he graduated, receiving degrees in Music Composition and Philosophy. Take a listen to the "Wanderer (Remixes)" and download from Distinctive Promo!

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Vasale "Get Up, Stand Up"

"Get Up, Stand Up" is the master creation from seasoned artist Vasale. A unique twist brings this Reggae classic into a whole new world of excitement. Dance the night away to the included mixes by The Festivallerz and Remundo. Download a promo copy from Distinctive Promo!

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