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Latest Promotions

Beats La Grand "Sauced"

The Beats La Grand debut single is "Sauced". This track is filled with dirty bass, buzzing synths and crunchy percussion. What more could you want for a twisted night on the dancefloor? Enjoy!!

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Voonix "Boogie Fever"

Voonix delivers a fistful of funk with "Boogie Fever", the new release that’s got everyone talking. The groove is fresh and the feeling of excitement lingers well after the music ends. Included in the release are amazing mixes from DJ Benasso and Antny. Get your copy today!

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Chance "Lost My God (When You Fell) (Remixes)"

Chance demonstrates with "Lost My God (When You Fell)", a range of electronic styles while highlighting some unifying aspects to his work: hard driving beats, rich musical chord changes, tight hooky melodies and thought provoking lyrics. Check out these new remixes from Ting and Tius. Highly Recommended!!

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