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Latest Promotions

Derek Hungret "O-Groove"

Derek Hungret returns with "O-Groove". For lovers of house music, the alluring groove creates another highly infectious tune that bumps along with a lively bassline, sexy voices and edgy synths. Listen and download!

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Vasale "Don't Speak"

Vasale brings to us another smash hit with his newest release. "Don't Speak" captures the essence of the memorable, ear catching hook, and delivers a new twist on the production and instrumentation. The package comes complete with some insane remixes by Dezio, so be sure to get your copy today!

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Mike "Thunder" Pennino "Go NRG"

"Go NRG" is the brand new release from Mike "Thunder" Pennino. The pounding drums and aggressive keyboards deliver full-on high energy that makes it a true club anthem. Check it out!

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