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Latest Promotions

Midiflip "Days Go By"

“Days Go By” is the latest addictive new release by Midiflip. This dance music staple gets an updated treatment with sleek synth work and polished production to become an immediate crowd pleaser. Special mixes from Kosca are featured in this package, so make sure to get a copy!

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Kosca "Feel Alright"

"Feel Alright" is the smokin' hot new track from Kosca. With an ear catching chorus that hooks you in and dances around your brain, they have once again captured the groovy sound of summer! Highly Recommended!!

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Vasale "One Love"

Vasale is back to spread the love with the Bob Marley classic "One Love". This release turns the island reggae hit into an uptempo club smasher that screams summer. Ragno provides a wicked festival ready remix, so let's get together and feel all right. Grab your copy from Distinctive Promo!

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