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Latest Promotions

Dezio "The Godfather Theme (Love Theme from The Godfather)"

Dezio brings the power to 516 Music with "The Godfather Theme (Love Theme from The Godfather)". If you loved the original, this club ready re-make is definitely something to get your hands on. Grab a copy now!

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Collage "Higher (Remixes)"

The "Higher (Remixes)" by Collage are finally here. This strong remix package has a feel good remix from DJ Brian Howe, a festival sized remix from the Rev-Players and a pumping progressive remix from Dezio. Download your copy from Distinctive Promo!

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Stepjump "We Are The Champions"

"We Are The Champions" is the amped up new release from Stepjump. The crazy programming and synth work is a welcomed change to the original, but the Seven Spiders mixes that lead off the release are the ear candy this project deserves. All in all, this hot new releases is ready for clubs and stadiums around the world. Get your copy today!

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