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Latest Promotions

Victoria "I'm Gonna Run"

Victoria's resurgence in the music scene is truly exciting, especially with her history of successful House and Freestyle dance hits from the early 90s. Collaborating with remix heavyweights like Tony Moran, Klubjumpers, and Giuseppe D adds a contemporary edge to her music, appealing to a wide range of electronic music enthusiasts. "I'm Gonna Run" is currently #18 on the UK Music Week chart, a testament to its growing popularity and potential global appeal. This banging house track is poised to make waves not only in the USA but also internationally, solidifying Victoria's comeback in the electronic music scene.

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Alley Kids feat. Lisa Ramey "Swag"

Alley Kids is back with "Swag", a fun summer jam feat. Lisa Ramey, as heard on the hit TV show The Voice, on vocals for Team Legend. Chalk full of hooks and feel good vibes, it gives a nod to 90's R&B. For those who enjoy a little more tempo, the Old School Sped Up Mix should do the trick. Highly Recommended!

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Lana Green "Curios"

2 times Global Music Awards silver winner for best vocals: Last Lullaby and I Still Believe. Lana was born in Moscow, Russia but grew up in Kiev, Ukraine. Towards the end of the 1980's, she immigrated to the United States of America. Took vocal lessons for classical, jazz and pop music. Currently working and recording songs with her producer Iggy Kisil at his studio Sweet Rains Records in Manhattan.

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