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Latest Promotions

Hyp3d "Check This Out"

You will definitely want to check out the new release from Hyp3d, properly entitled "Check This Out". A charismatic keyboard riff is the backbone along with beautiful chords that create a truly exciting tune that is sure to fill dancefloors globally!

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Vasale "Surfin' Safari"

Vasale brings the boogie with the cool new release "Surfin' Safari". Veering off the beaten path, Vasale showcases an exceptional new sound to this classic. Endulge yourself in this package that includes remixes from Eddie Veck, and a special Trancey mix. Download this today!

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Abby Ryan "Fearless"

Overcoming obstacles and defying the odds are nothing new to this Minneapolis based artist. Though she's just 16 yrs old Abby Ryan has already put out 2 EPs, 3 Music Videos and starred in the High School Drama pilot. She's a dancer, actress, singer-songwriter and truly Fearless in every sense of the word!

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