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Latest Promotions

M.Hamburg & DJ Hawaii "Werq EP"

M.Hamburg & DJ Hawaii return to Sektor Black with Werq EP featuring "Drugs Werq" & "The Room". Enjoy!

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Splice Collective "My Lovin' Baby"

Splice Collective are a group of like minded house enthusiasts curated and remixed by Mark James & Pee Wee Ferris. Check it out!

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Mr. Shammi "Bacalao"

If you have been on any of the dance floors of Europe's hottest clubs in the past few years, you have likely heard one of Mr. Shammi's collaborative hits. From Love Message with Vic feat. Clea and Kim (Dance and Love, Italy/Clipper's Sound, Spain) most recently to Walla Walla feat. Mad Stuntman (Happy Music, France), Girl Next Door with LuuX (Room for Visions, Denmark), Raise the Roof with Rizzo vs. Miki (Blanco y Negro, Spain) Saturday Night with Simone Di Bella (Disco Planet Records Italy) and Misfit with Darius and Finlay (Trak Music, Austria/Sony Music Germany). Mr. Shammi never stops!

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