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Latest Promotions

DJ Xris2 "Sweet Caroline"

"Sweet Caroline" by DJ Xris2 is a truly well crafted dance hit, dropping today. Get ready to sink your teeth into this magical remake, with tons of sweet production and a carefully thought out arrangement. Grab the included Tius mixes for another great twist to get you dancing. Get a copy now!

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The Festivallerz "Out In The Crowd"

The Festivallerz are back with their brand new single "Out In The Crowd". They are all about the EDM festival life! Enjoy!!

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Greco Roman "Can't Let Go (Remixes)"

The "Can't Let Go (Remixes)" by Greco Roman are finally here. This strong remix package has awesome remixes from Eddie Feel, Ricky Ric and Ragno. With a love of electronic music and a desire to entertain and get people dancing, Greco Roman are not looking back. Download your copy from Distinctive Promo!

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