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Latest Promotions

Seven Spiders "Calling (Lose My Mind)"

Get ready to lose yourself in the electrifying new track from Seven Spiders "Calling (Lose My Mind)". This EDM banger, infused with a future rave sound, delivers a pulse-pounding experience with its punchy bass line and gritty synths. Perfect for late-night raves and high-energy playlists, "Calling (Lose My Mind)" is your next anthem. Included is the mesmerizing Heavenly Sounds remix , transforming the track into a soulful and smooth house music journey. Whether you're looking to rave or unwind, this release has it all. Turn it up, feel the energy, and let the music take over!

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Trinisha Browne feat. Jovian "Bad Ting (Dirty Disco Remixes)"

The long-awaited Dirty Disco Remixes of "Bad Ting" are finally here. These house music infected, beat hungry versions of "Bad Ting" are impacting clubs and mixshows by notable global remixer Dirty Disco. Also included is the next single "Voodoo", which continues Trinisha Browne's journey into relationships, and a perceived spell cast over someone who can't overcome the loss of a love interest.

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DJ Revitalizer "Latch"

DJ Revitalizer is on fire with his newest single, "Latch". This one is a genre blending party hit, that is sure to turn some heads! Out now on EDM Verified!

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